Forest Gate South Police Station- Suspicion of corruption – Officer Erkut Ardic allowed Slavery to happen under his watch !

The fury and frustration felt by community members who are the victims of crimes to which they have notified the police but have received very little response is alarming.   The London police has had a history of ignoring and dismissing victims’ cases, no matter the size.  It is disheartening as how does the police force expect to build trust with the community in which they serve if they do not act on their duty to protect and act when a victim reports a crime?  The victim feels victimized twice over; 1) from the crime itself and 2) from the dismissiveness and snubbing by the police. 

Christophe, a US Citizen mauled by a guard at Corbyn Construction Site. Officer Erkut Ardic’s ineffectiveness  felt deliberate on the part of police protecting the large construction contractor.
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When the police do not act, it leaves the community more vulnerable to crime, corruption, poverty, and social demise.    An example of this is when a victim of a vicious dog attack reported to the Forest Gate Police Station last April 2017.  The police at first refused to let the victim make an official complain then was so incompetent and slow to collecting evidence. It took the police over a year to take a witness statement and to contact witnesses.   The victim continued to receive intimidating threats to his life from the dog owner even after he tried to report the crime to the police.   To this day, the dog is still on the premises and does not have proof of rabies vaccination but is a danger to society.  The victim had sent a whole file of evidence to Officer ERKUT ARDIC  reporting to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service Cressida Rose Dick including witness statements, video, maps of the incident.  The police has only passively contacted witnesses with very little actionable results. The slow pace and ineffectiveness almost felt deliberate on the part of police, and to even implicate that they were somehow had ties with the influential dog owner (a large construction contractor that supported large government funded construction contracts in UK When complaints are lodged they still are not acted on.  It is even more demoralizing for victims to see the police post BBQs and office parties on the Forest Gate Facebook social media when the police officers often tell victims they “are very busy with important matters”.      Is this a community that still wishes to support such an ineffective force?    What has to happen for police to do anything? Do they want to wait until someone is even more severely hurt, or even dead ?  


Officer Erkut Ardic said the victim hurt by a guard dog at Corbyn Construction Ltd deserved being mauled.

The Police has te reponsability to protect people. It appears that Officer Erkut Ardic thinks differently. Running a very severe dog bite investigation Officer Ardic confessed to some potential witnesses that the victim deserved being mauled. We got this information by someone who made fun of the victim.

This witness confirmed Officer Erkut Ardic thinks the victim deserved being mauled by Corbyn Construction’s guard dog by saying “even police said the same”. Corruption is now a fact at Forest Gate South Police Station.

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